Monday, July 24, 2006

design job

I applied for a design job a couple of weeks ago - doing design for a local magazine. I had the interview a week ago. Just heard today about it. They've had quite a few different people go for the job, and have decided to offer the job to someone else. So it looks like my freelancing is going to continue - with a three day a week part time cleaning job - hopefully. Will hear back from that in next day or so.

A wee bit disappointed, but I wasn't really too sure about it anyway, and I feel pretty peaceful, so I know God's got better things for me.

Apologies for repeating this post in myspace.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

green fingers

The England-Sweden match has just finished, 2-2, not the best game ever but some amazing play from both sides.

Despite the match, just thought I'd write a little bit about gardening, as I've been busy trying to grow veggies since April. Mainly to support my cooking, but also because it's just plain fun planting stuff in the ground, then being able to eat it - especially when you've paid £1 for the seeds and got 50 plants, when 5 of the same plants cost £1 at Tescos.

Anyway, apart from the basics (salad onions, shallots, leeks, beetroot, cabbage, herbs and potatoes) I've managed to get seeds and baby plants of 10 different varieties of lettuce, 5 different varieties of tomato, chillis, aubergenes, sweet peppers, purple brocolli, rocket and another 10 varieties of asian greens and veg (mizuna, mustard spinach, red mustard, baby pak choi, chinese flowering cabbage, chinese cabbage - wong bok & yukina savoy, chinese brocolli and daikon radish (1-2ft long 3" thick radish). I just love that fact that in 1 month or so time I'm going to be able to stir fry all this veg. So I thought I'd leave you with some pictures of the terraced garden that my dad and I created for veg and the allotment I have in Henley (picture above - from back), growing all this stuff:


Bottom Terrace - Chinese Veg

Top Terrace - Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Corguettes

Allotment - Roots

Allotment - Tomatoes

Allotment - Potatoes

Allotment - Peas

Allotment - Lettuce, Mixed Salad Leaves, Mixed Asian Leaves

Allotment - from back, including weeds at back

Allotment - Cabbage seedlings and assortment of chinese veg

Well that's it. More photos come when they're all grown up - will have to make a little meal with them sometime.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Just a quick newsflash.

The new website is up and running:

Any comments appreciated.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

stuck in the mud

Well, the ireland trip was fun, but it wasn't the greatest success I've ever had.

Ireland is a beautiful place, think i'll put a load of pictures on my myspace page sometime: But anyways, we stayed at nice little youth hostel about 1 min walk from the beach in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. Basically, there was about 1-2ft surf practically the whole time - 1-2ft is miniscule, can't really ride it, not much fun. Then the surf picks up on Saturday (the day before we go home) and it must have been something like 6-8ft, which is massive. The waves breaking right on the shore were above our heads, and they had no ridablility to them - they just walled up, then crashed into the sand. There was a rip current running from the south to the north of the best, and it was strong, so when you did catch a wave, you would surf it for a split second into the rip and then be thrown off your board.

It was so big and messy, we couldn't get past the shorebreak (waves break further out and right on the shore - the longest/best rides are further out) as it was over 5ft.

The funniest thing that happened on the holiday though was on this Saturday. The waves were so big, we decided to go a little further up the coast to a beach which was meant to be much more sheltered, so we eventually found a nice little cove which had some really clean 3ft waves (we found out later it wasn't the right beach and it was meant to be dangerous). I decided to park next to another car that was there, on the grass next to the cove. As I drove up, my left wheel sank into the grass. I tried to reverse, but couldn't. To cut the long story short, the next two hours were spent (in this order) - "borrowing" a rope and spade from a nearby empty house, asking a passing-by car to help pull us out (unsuccesfully), then getting a lift to a nearby house with a landrover (while i waited), then finally getting the hire car pulled out the mud by the landrover. Well it was funny, and we never got to surf that spot, but I have the memory, and the dark photo, which you can hardly make out anything on:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

irish craic

• I won't be surfing this, but I'll be 10 min drive from it. :)


Well, I'm going on holiday next week...well excited. Thanks to ryanair (£50 including luggage fee - they do pile on the extras don't they!) and a pretty cheap car rental, I'm going on a week long (4 days) surfing holiday with a mate from London in North-West Ireland. Hopefully there'll be waves. So if anyone reading this is in Ireland and fancy's going for a surf - then would love to.

The exciting thing is that there are about five world class surfing breaks on that coast within 30 min drive of each other, so if one spot is crud, a short trip up the coast and we're sorted.

Also get to try the black stuff as it shud be...mmm...guiness.

Total cost of the holiday = £150 (i think), not at all bad for four days.